Our Story
Our whaanau have worked together across generations to protect the wellbeing of our whenua, maunga, moana, awa, papakaainga and people.
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Te Ahiwaru Trust

Our Trust Deed

Our Trust Deed “provides assistance, support, developmental coordination and general benefit for members of Ngati Te Ahiwaru in accordance with the First Schedule MMMT Membership Register and Third Schedule Members of MMMT”.

The Trust was established on 26 May 2004 (incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957) by the Makaurau Marae Executive kōmiti of the time, and supporting kaumaatua. The founding trustees wished to establish a trust for the care, assistance to organise, administer and manage a marae and hapuu community development in keeping with cultural tenets.  

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Te Ahiwaru Beneficiaries

The hapuu of Te Ahiwaru is made up of whaanau of four key hapuu with a history of settlement in our rohe and in particular the takiwaa of the Ihumaatao peninsular, including Puketaapapa. These hapuu are: Ngaati Rori; Ngaati Peehi; Ngaati Tangiaro; and Ngaati Kaiaua.

In brief, as a result of the horrendous colonial war, which began with the proclamation of Governor Grey on 9 July 1863, we were driven out of our ancestral homelands, creating huge upheaval and disrupting our strong and flourishing communities developed over centuries in our rohe.

In 1915, Judge Holland held an enquiry under section 11 of the Native Land Amendment Act 1912. He reported that the land which was part of that confiscated by the Crown after the Waikato War had been promised to be returned to Te Ahiwaru. A Certificate of Title Vol 247 Folio 113 Parish of Manurewa Lots 196 and 197 was subsequently created in the names of the 37 tuupuna to the area known as Ihumaatao – Puketaapapa Lands.

It is the descendants of these 37 tuupuna who are the beneficiaries of Te Ahiwaru Trust.
Ko Hape te rangatira.
Ko Kaiwhare te taniwha.
Ko Mataoho te tupua.
Ko Puketaapapa, ko Waitomokia,
ko Maunga Taketake, me Ootuataua ngaa maunga.
Ko Ooruarangi te awa.
Ko te Manukanuka o Hoturoa te moana.
Ko Makaurau te marae.
Ko Te Ahiwaru te hapuu.

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