Our Tohu
An ode to our whenua

The tohu used in our logo is a Toki that represents the strength and determination of Te Ahiwaru. It is representative of a tool, rather than a taonga, carving new pathways for our people. As a hononga to our past, it speaks of our tuupuna who were gardeners and ahi kaa of one of Taamaki Makaurau's most fruitful areas.


At the top of the Toki, the woven threads represent the coming together of Ngaati Rori, Ngaati Taangiaro, Ngaati Peehi and Ngaati Kaiaua as Te Ahiwaru. As we come down to the koru it is a reflection of our commitment to supporting our people, our whaanau to thrive. The koru is symbolic of whaanau and the circular pattern in it is also representative of the lava that carves through the whenua in both Ihumaatao and across Taamaki, a hononga to our whenua and our whakapapa in this volcanic landscape. The grey colour of the Toki is representative of volcanic rock and the strength of this element in general. The indents on the Toki connect us to maunga and landscapes across our region, across our whakapapa.