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There are lots of ways we can support you and your whaanau, register and stay connected with our hapuu.
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Te Ahiwaru Trust Registrations

If you are a descendant of one of more of the 37 tuupuna represented by Te Ahiwaru Trust you can register your details by following the five steps below:

Step 1: You can apply to become registered with the Trust by completing and submitting a registration form, at anytime.

Step 2: Initial checks are done and packs are prepared for the Whakapapa Committee by the 18th of the month. Any completed registrations received after the 18th will be processed the following month.

Step 3: Registration packs are given to the Whakapapa Committee, by the 20th of the month (*except in December).

Step 4: The Whakapapa Committee discusses each registration and makes recommendations to the Trust by the last Wednesday of the month (*except in December).

Step 5: The Hapuu Registry team is instructed to notify whaanau/applicants accordingly, by the 7th of the following month (*except in January).

*Note: Whakapapa Committee do not hui in December. This means that any completed registrations received after the 18th of November will be processed in January and applicants/whaanau will be notified in February.
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Your privacy is important to us.

The personal information you supply in this registration form is used for the legal use of Te Ahiwaru Trust and will not be shared without your permission. Your details are collated to keep you informed & updated with events , opportunities & hui happening in and around the hapuu.

How to Register

You can apply to become registered with the Trust by completing and submitting a:
  • ‘Ngaa Kaakano’ registration form (for those under 18) or
  • ‘Ngaa Puaawai’ registration form (for those over 18)
Our registration forms are available online (see links below). We also have hardcopies which can be picked up from our tari or we can post/email them to you.

Why Register?

Being a registered beneficiary of the Trust, you can:
  • Connect or re/connect with whaanau;
  • Receive our updates and hear about events and opportunities relevant to Te Ahiwaru Trust beneficiaries;
  • Participate in private forums to shape the direction and future of our whaanau, our hapuu, our taiao (environment) and our Ihumatao-tanga; and
  • Receive assistance and support as per the Trust Deed.
Te Ahiwaru Trust Registration

Need to update 

your details?

If you have moved house, had a peepii or changed your surname since you registered, you’ll need to update this information in our database. This can be done by logging into your existing account and editing your details there. Alternatively, if you have any registration enquiries, contact the Hapuu Registry team via email
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